NEW DATES for Boston Casting Workshops.

::: 10/01/14 :::

BETHANY CONSTANCE, in conjunction with BOSTON CASTING, is offering acting classes for kids & teens in Portsmouth, NH!

Take classes at Boston Casting without the commute to the city!

Four Week Session: Mondays, October 20 – November 10, 2014

*Teen Acting for Film & TV (Portsmouth) *
(ages 12-17)?Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm ($139)
Details and Registration Information

*Kids Acting for Film & TV (Portsmouth) *
(ages 7-11)?Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm ($69)
Details and Registration Information

::: 09/17/14 :::

BETHANY CONSTANCE, in conjunction with BOSTON CASTING, is offering acting classes for kids & teens in Portsmouth, NH!

Take classes at Boston Casting without the commute to the city!

Six-Week Session: Mondays, September 29 – November 10, 2014 (no class 10/13 for Columbus Day Weekend)

*Kids Acting for Film & TV *
(ages 7-11)?Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm ($99)

*Teen Acting for Film & TV *
(ages 12-17)?Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm ($199)
Details and Registration Information

::: 07/03/14 :::


Please see the links below for details and registration.

JULY 21ST-25TH (13-17 years old)

AUGUST 18TH-22ND (8-12 years old)

::: 07/03/14 :::


Please see link for Details and Registration below.

::: 05/15/13 :::


Mark Constance was the Second Assistant Director on the upcoming fall release of Captain Phillips. The Hollywood Reporter named the film an early 2014 Best Picture front runner ( The film stars 2 time Oscar winner Tom Hanks and was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Paul Greengrass(The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, United 93, The Green Zone). The release date is October 11, 2013. You can view the trailer here:

::: 02/06/13 :::

Can you believe that the summer will be here soon?

Please email Bethany with name and age of your child plus click here for more info and registration form.


July 8-12th at Exeter High School.

The Camp is open to anyone(living anywhere) entering 6th grade through 12th grade (from any school district). We will write, direct, act and shoot a film together. We will create our story, develop our characters and design sets. Then we will get a crash course in camera work and filming techniques using digital video equipment. Putting all the skills together we will spend the week making our film. All participants will spend time in front of and behind the camera with the opportunity to focus on the parts of film making they enjoy most.

To register please email Bethany at or call 603-978-3662


July 29th-August 2nd. The Camp will be a combination of On Camera Technique/Cold Reading Skills and how to NAIL the audition!

For registration information and more details please contact or call 617-787-7400


Yes you can register today for our Film Camp the week of August 5th-9th. Details are on their website at or email them at


Bethany Constance is available for Private Coaching, Consulting and Taping Auditions for all ages.

::: 02/05/13 :::



The workshop will be jammed packed with Audition scripts, Film & TV scripts and valuable techniques as to how to handle Auditions and to strengthen techniques.

There will be a Q&A with Parents which will include how to handle the “BIZ of the BIZ” among many other gems.

To register please contact or call 617-787-7400

::: 02/06/13 :::


BETHANY CONSTANCE will be conducting ON CAMERA ACTING WORKSHOPS at Musical Arts in Exeter, NH. The dates are SATURDAY FEBRUARY 16TH and SATURDAY MARCH 30TH from 12:30-3:30 for ages 8-19 years old. She will give direction as to how to command an Audition, Cold Reading technique, Commercial Copy and Film/TV Scenes. These workshops are for all levels of experience.

To register please contact MusicalArts at or 603-778-4862

::: 09/28/12 :::

BOSTON CASTING is hosting an ON CAMERA SCENE STUDY workshop run by BETHANY CONSTANCE on Saturday October 27, 2012 from 1:00pm-4:00pm.

Bethany will bring scenes from TV shows and Films to work on with the actors. She will focus on audition technique, character development and cold reading skills. To register please contact Brittany Shapiro at 617-787-7400 or email her at Details are on their website at

::: 09/28/12 :::

BETHANY CONSTANCE will be conducting an ON CAMERA COMMERCIAL AND SCENE STUDY WORKSHOP at MUSICAL ARTS in North Hampton on Saturday November 3, 2012 from 10:00am-1:00pm.

This workshop will combine cold reading and audition techniques with Commercial copy and TV/FILM scenes. To register please contact MusicalArts at 603-778-4862 or You can also check out their website for details at

Bethany is also involved in the FILM CLUBS at Exeter High School (Exeter, NH) and the Cooperative Middle School (Stratham, NH). If your child is part of the SAU 16 school system they can participate in these clubs. Details are on the school websites and have been announced at the schools. If you have questions please contact Bethany directly at

::: 07/03/12 :::

Kids and Teens On-Camera Auditioning Master Workshop with Talent Manager, Bethany Constance

Ages: 9-17
Workshop:   Thursday, August 16, 2012 (5:00pm-8:00pm)
Location: Boston Casting – 129 Braintree Street, Suite 107, Boston, MA 02134
Contact: Brittany Shapiro at 617-254-1001 x4

::: 05/21/12 :::

Film Camps!!

When:   Week of July 9th-July 13th (10:00am-3:00pm)
Where:   Exeter High School, 1 Blue Hawk Drive, Exeter, NH 03833
What to bring:   Paper and pencil, current picture of yourself, snack/drinks/lunch

The Camp is open to anyone entering 6th grade through 12th grade. (from any school district) We will write, direct, act and shoot a film together. We will create our story, develop our characters and design sets. Then we will get a crash course in camera work and filming techniques using digital video equipment. Putting all the skills together we will spend the week making our film. All participants will spend time in front of and behind the camera with the opportunity to focus on the parts of film making they enjoy most.

Click here for more information.

To register please contact Bethany Constance at or (603) 978-3662. The price for this unique opportunity is $300.

When:   August 6th - August 10th from 9:00am-3:00pm

Film Camp Registration has begun at Musical Arts in Exeter! Bethany Constance will be conducting this Film Camp from August 6th -August 10th from 9:00am-3:00pm. We will write, cast, direct, act and edit a film. A copy of the film will be given to everyone.

For more information and to sign up please visit their website and click on 2012 Summer Camps.

::: 04/23/12 :::


::: 02/06/12 :::

Bethany will be conducting a 6 WEEK ON-CAMERA WORKSHOP hosted by BOSTON CASTING in MANCHESTER, NH beginning on Saturday February 11, 2012 from 10:00am-1:00pm (No class March 3, 2012)

Designed for students between the ages of 9 and 17, this 6-week class will focus on how to tap into the Boston acting market and understand the expectations of the New York and Los Angeles casting directors, directors and producers. Bethany will work with students to improve auditioning skills and acting techniques and to develop successful marketing techniques. All levels of experience are welcome.

For more information and to register, visit to register or contact Andrew Fitch at 617-254-1001, x4 or

::: 01/18/12 :::

Bethany congratulates her client ANTHONY O’LEARY for his new National AT&T commercial called The Silent Treatment. Catch it on You Tube if you miss it on TV.

::: 01/17/12 :::


Bethany Constance will conduct an on-camera commercial & TV/Film workshop for kids on Saturday January 21st, 2012 from 10:00-2:00 pm at MusicalArts in North Hampton, NH.

This four hour workshop is geared towards improving the confidence level and performance of young actors. The focus of the class will be on commercial, TV and Film auditions. It is open to kids from ages 8-17 year old and designed for all levels of experience.

In addition to learning about audition techniques, each participant will work on slating, commercial copy and cold scenes. Each participant will be taped in order to provide feedback and demonstrate the results of the workshop exercises. To register please contact MusicalArts at or call 603-778-4862.

Bethany is also available for private coaching/consultation for all ages. For more information please go to or call 603-978-3662

::: October 12, 2011 :::

The date is set for Bethany’s On Camera Acting workshops at Musical Arts Academy of Music & Dance in Exeter.

The workshops will be on going from November 3rd, 2011-June 7, 2012. They will include BEGINNING ON CAMERA TECHNIQUE, COMMERCIAL COPY/COLD READINGS and TV/FILM SCENES. Please go to Musical Arts website [] for more information and to register by following the Theatre Tab on the site.

::: October 12, 2011 :::

BOSTON CASTING is hosting a NEW On Camera Workshop conducted by Bethany in MANCHESTER, NH on Saturday October 22nd. The age group is 9-17 and all levels of experience are welcome. Bethany will work on Audition Technique, Commercial Copy, TV/Film scenes followed by a Q&A with the parents. The session will be taped for review by the actors and parents (if time allows). To register contact Boston Casting at 617-254 1001 or go to their website at and follow the Media Performance Tab to Classes for Teens.

::: October 11, 2011 :::

***NEW START DATE***Bethany will be teaching a variety of On Camera Acting workshops at Musical Arts Academy of Music & Dance in Exeter, NH.

Workshops will include BEGINNING ON CAMERA TECHNIQUE, COMMERCIAL COPY/COLD READINGS and TV/FILM SCENES. The workshops will be on-going from November 3, 2011-June 7, 2012. Please go to Musical Arts website( for more information and register by following the Theatre Tab on the site.

Bethany is also available for private coachings/consultations.

::: September 21, 2011 :::

Bethany congratulates her client Nate Krawshuk on his role in "GIRLFRIEND" directed by Justin Lerner, starring Amanda Plummer, Jackson Rathbone and Shannon Woodward. It won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Film and Best Director at the White Sands Film Festival(New Mexico) and the Jury Award for best narrative and audience-selected Best of the Fest award at The Woods Hole Film Festival (MA). There is a Boston Sneak Preview at the Harvard Business School/Sprangler Auditorium on Monday October 3rd, 2011 at 6:00pm with a Q/A following with the Director and Cast. Screening is free and open to the public.

Nate also recently booked commercials for TOY STATE, PHILLIPS HEALTH CARE and a MEDICOMM Industrial. Bravo!

::: September 20, 2011 :::

The On Camera Film/TV Workshop at Musical Arts has been postponed to October with the date TBD. Enrollment is open throughout the year.

Bethany is finalizing dates for other workshops in NH and MA. Stay tuned!

::: September 06, 2011 :::

Bethany will be teaching a variety of On Camera Acting workshops at Musical Arts Academy of Music & Dance in Exeter and Dover NH.

Workshops will include BEGINNING ON CAMERA TECHNIQUE, COMMERCIAL COPY/COLD READINGS and TV/FILM SCENES. The workshops will be on going from September 8, 2011-June 7, 2012. Please go to Musical Arts website ( for more information and to register by following the Theatre Tab on the site.

Bethany is also available for private coachings/consultations.

::: May 11, 2011 :::

“Lights, Camera, Action” with Talent Manager Bethany Constance

Bethany Constance, Talent Manager from a713production will conduct an on-camera commercial & TV/Film workshop for kids (ages 10-17) on May 21st, 2011 at the Duxbury Student Union (147 St. George St. Duxbury, MA 02331).

This three hour workshop (12:30-3:30pm) is geared towards improving the confidence level and performance of young actors. The focus of the class will be on commercial, TV and Film auditions. It is open to kids from ages 10-17 and designed for all levels of experience.

In addition to learning about audition techniques, each participant will work on slating, commercial copy and cold scenes. Each participant will be taped in order to provide feedback and demonstrate the results of the workshop exercises. Parents are invited back at the end to watch the video and a Q & A session. The price for this unique opportunity is $75. Please contact the Duxbury Student Union for registration information 781-934-2290.

::: April 5, 2011 :::

Bethany Constance will be teaching On Camera Workshops on Wednesday April 20, 2011 at Boston Children’s Theatre.

Ages 8-13 from 10:00 am-12:30 pm. Ages 14-19 from 1:00 pm-3:30pm.

To register please call 617-424-6634 x 221 or email

In addition, Bethany does private coaching and consultations for all ages. Contact her at

::: March 22, 2011 :::

Bethany Constance congratulates her client Lucas Ardagna on his performance in the film “3 Weeks To Daytona” which had it’s NYC Screening at the Tribeca Screening Room on March 22, 2011. Lucas co stars with Scott Cohen, Jorja Fox, and the legendary Rip Torn. The film is produced and directed by Bret Stern of Bret Stern Productions/ SONO Studios. Check out the trailer on

::: March 22, 2011 :::

Bethany Constance will begin an On Camera Film and TV Workshop at MusicalArts in Exeter, NH on April 7, 2011. It will be held from 5:30-7:00 pm for 8 weeks. Go to for details and to register.

::: March 22, 2011 :::

Film Camp Registration has begun! Bethany Constance will be conducting 3 different Film Camps at MusicalArts. Each camp will last one week. We will write, cast, direct, act and edit a film each week. A copy of the film will be given to everyone. For more information and to sign up please visit their website and click on 2011 Summer Camps.

::: March 22, 2011 :::

Remember Bethany is available for Private Coachings for all ages and all levels of experience. To schedule a coaching contact Bethany at or 603-978-3662.

::: February 21, 2011 :::

A Portsmouth Herald story on the filming of the short film TROUBLE

::: February 17, 2011 :::

A713production announces the shooting of the short film TROUBLE. The film will be shot in various locations in Portsmouth, NH including the Connie Bean Center, the IOS Business Center, Hatchling Studios and the Memorial Bridge. Shooting will take place on Sunday February 20, 2011.

Mark Constance will direct from his script based on an original concept by Kendra Duncan and a creation from Sheila Duncan. The film’s concept is based on children in trouble and how in the modern world children must cope with inner strength in difficult times. Constance’s vision of a stark world where children in desperate situations know that "where there is trouble there is hope".

The cast of TROUBLE will include Todd Rotondi of the Sundance hit, HOWL and the shot in New Hampshire film, THE POND; seacoast bred, national touring comedian, Juston McKinney, New Hampshire Film Festival screenwriting competition chairwoman, Dana Biscotti-Myskowski, and Chris Roblee, Eliya-Quaye Constance and Jessica Webb, all alumni of the shot in Portsmouth film, CROOKED LANE.

TROUBLE will be produced by Bethany Constance, Greg Smith and Rick Dirck.

::: January 24, 2011 :::

On January 29th, 2011 Bethany will be conducting a SPECIAL YOUTH ON CAMERA WORKSHOP at BOSTON'S CHILDREN'S THEATRE. Ages 8-12 from 10:00 am-1:00 pm. Ages 13-19 from 1:30 pm-4:30pm.
To register please call 617-424-6634 x 221 or email

::: January 21, 2011 :::

Bethany Constance will begin her COMMERCIAL AND COLD READING TECHNIQUE classes at MUSICALARTS in Exeter, NH on Thursday February 3rd 2011 from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Go to and find out details for this session and her next session FILM/TV SCENES by following the Theatre tab on the site. Registration is limited but there are still a few spots left. Do not forget Bethany is available for Private Coachings. Contact her at

::: December 13, 2010 :::

Anthony O'Leary attended the NYC premiere of "The Company Men" where he plays Ben Affleck’s son. The movie opened in limited release December 10, 2010 and will open wide on January 21, 2011. The film also stars Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Kevin Costner and Maria Bello. It was written and directed by "ER" and "Southland" creator John Wells. We are so proud of Anthony! BRAVO!

::: November 16, 2010 :::

Congratulations to Bethany's client, Liza Giangrande on signing with the Clear Talent Group. She is represented on the east coast by Jamie Harris and on the west coast by Bonnie Ventis and Jody Alexander! Bravo!

Bethany's client Hannah McEachern is now working with Don Buchwald & Associates. Victoria Kress and Pam Roth are her NY agents. Great job to Hannah and her family!

::: September 8, 2010 :::

Bethany Constance will be teaching a variety of on-camera acting classes at Musical Arts Academy of Music & Dance in Exeter and Dover. Classes will include BEGINNING ON-CAMERA TECHNIQUE, COMMERCIAL COPY/COLD READINGS and TV & FILM SCENES. The classes will be ongoing through June 9, 2011. Please go to the Musical Arts website ( and find more info by following through the Theater tab on the site. In addition Bethany does private coaching and consultations. Contact her at

::: September 8, 2010 ::: featured a splendid interview with Mitch Ganem regarding KILLING DINNER and the New England Online Film Festival. Read it here:

::: August 18, 2010 :::

Bethany Constance is pleased to announce that her client, Jordan Celli has been signed by Los Angeles and New York bi-coastal talent agency, Clear Talent Group. Her NY agent is Jamie Harris and in LA she will be represented by Bonnie Ventis and Jody Alexander. Congrats to Jordan and her family!!!!

::: August 18, 2010 :::

THE COMPANY MEN will be released by The Weinstein Company(TWC) on Friday October 22, 2010. Mark Constance was an Assistant Director on the film while Bethany Constance client Anthony O'Leary plays "Drew Walker" the son of "Bobby Walker"(Ben Affleck) in the John Wells directed film that has been talked about as a possible Academy Award® contender in numerous categories. (Best Picture, Director, Script and Acting)

::: May 23, 2010 :::

Bethany Constance client, Hannah McEachern has signed with Tim Ayer at Model Club (Boston).

Here is the link to the music video "The Bookstore" by Chatham, directed by Mark Constance

::: May 7, 2010 :::

Bethany is pleased to announce the signing of Jordan Celli to a management contract with Bethany and a713production. Jordan is also represented by Dynasty Boston.

Bethany Constance client, Nate Krawshuk, at 6 years old just completed his first feature film "The Girlfriend" starring with Jackson Rathbone from the "Twilight" series, Amanda Plummer and Shannon Woodward for Wayne/Lauren films. He can also be seen on the commercial for FMC Ice Sports.

Director Mark Constance of a713production recently completed production on a music video for Brooklyn, NY resident and former Exeter, NH native Chatham Yelle. The music video of the "The Bookstore" song was shot at various locations on the seacoast including The Water Street Bookstore in Exeter. Chatham, a rapper, is a Berklee School of Music graduate and is in negotiations with major record labels. He approached Constance to direct the music video to add more strength to his portfolio for the labels.

a713production's Rick Dirck produced the music video along with longtime Constance collaborator Greg Smith. The music video was edited by Marc Dole and the visual effects were done at Dole's Hatchling studios.

Stay tuned for a link to the video!

::: November 18, 2009 :::

The Portsmouth Herald and Seacoast Online talk to Mark Constance about his beginnings as a youngster at York Beach, Maine:

::: November 17, 2009 :::

Bethany Constance client, Anthony O'Leary has signed with the nationally acclaimed talent agency Don Buchwald & Associates!

He will be represented by Victoria Kress and Pam Roth in NY and Kristy Dax and Pamela Fisher in LA.

::: November 7, 2009 :::

Be sure to continue to check out for all the latest updates!!!

ABC Channel 9's Chronicle Magazine did a feature on the New Hampshire Film Festival. Check out the program here
If that doesn't work then check out Chronicle's main link here:

Pick up a copy of the November 2009 issue of New Hampshire Magazine. On page 25 you'll find a nice piece on our group of collaborators including Tracey, Mitch, Chase, Shawn Carroll, Marc Dole, Buzz McLaughlin, Ron Wyman, Greg Smith, Nick Koloski, Aaron Wiederspahn and myself. Also on page 56, Chase makes the 2009 "IT" list!!!!

Beth Brosnan wrote a great article for on the use of RED camera on CROOKED LANE. She spoke to Chase, Marc Dole and Patrick Ruth for the story

Michael McCord's Article on the growth of the New Hampshire Film Festival

Gina Carbone highlighted our young stars of CROOKED LANE, Noa Siegel and Eliya-Quaye Constance in a really nice article for Seacoast Online

Crooked Lane wins the Best Film on New Hampshire Night at the New Hampshire Film Festival

NECN reporter Lauren Collins attended the festival and spoke to Chase, Annie Cusack and Marc Dole

Another story from Gina Carbone wrapping up the 2009 NHFF

CROOKED LANE gets its 2nd festival award as it wins for Best New England Film at the Rhode Island International Horror Festival in Providence. 2 wins at 2 festivals. We kinda like those odds!!!
RIHFF Winners of top prizes for the 2009 Festival:

So please stay tuned for more info...

::: September 28, 2009 :::

CROOKED LANE has been accepted at another film festival. Here is the acceptance letter.

Congratulations! It is my pleasure to inform you that your submission "Crooked Lane" has been selected for acceptance by our judges for exhibition during this year's RI International Horror Film Festival (RIIHFF), October 22-25, 2009.

This year, we will be screening work in either the Blu-Ray and DVD formats. In order to ensure smooth operations in the exhibition of your work, please plan on shipping your film in the format that allows its best presentation, we will need your exhibition copy in our hands no later than Monday, October 12, 2009, via UPS, FedEx, or Express Mail to:

Rhode Island International Film Festival
c/o 36 Rhode Island Avenue
Newport, RI 02903 USA
Tel: 401-861-4445

Remember, if you are shipping from overseas, please cite on the transit form that the film is for "Cultural Purposes Only" “No Commercial Value” or you will be charged customs fees.

We hope that you are as excited as we are to screen your film with RIIFF’s Horror Festival. This acceptance is a direct result of our enthusiasm for the project, which we are certain audiences will share in October. In granting this privilege, our hope is that your film will be a highlight of the festival.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding your film and the RI International Horror Festival.

Again, our sincere congratulations!

George T. Marshall,
Executive Director/CEO
Rhode Island International Film Festival

::: September 21, 2009 :::

Lucas Ardagna books another role!

Bethany Constance and a713production client, Lucas Ardagna booked his second film of the summer (it's still summer until later tonight!!!). Lucas will play the role of Willy in the Bret Stern directed "3 Weeks to Daytona." The film will shoot in Connecticut in September and October of 2009.

Lucas played Young Anthony in the drama The Mulberry Tree. The film shot in Providence, RI and was directed by Mark Heller.

::: September 17, 2009 :::

Bethany Constance is happy to announce her client Anthony O’Leary has been very busy. Anthony recently completed THE COMPANY MEN, written and directed by John Wells, he played Drew Walker the son of Bobby Walker played by Ben Affleck. The film which may garner Oscar recognition will be released in late 2009. Anthony’s other latest credits include a commercial for Capital Districts Physicians Health Plan and print ads for Timberland, the new Indiana Jones game and Coca-Cola which is due out soon. Anthony’s agent is The Model Club in Boston.

::: September 11, 2009 :::

Please catch Bethany Constance client Liza Giangrande and her cast mates on the new season of FETCH premiering on your local PBS stations on September 11, 2009.

::: September 6, 2009 :::

CROOKED LANE and KILLING DINNER have been accepted at the New Hampshire Film Festival. Here is the letter of acceptance:

Dear Mark,

Congratulations! Killing Dinner and Crooked Lane have been officially selected to screen at the 2009 New Hampshire Film Festival, October 15th -18th in downtown Portsmouth, NH.

Once again it has been a highly competitive year for submissions and we feel strongly that our selections are some of the truly best independent, innovative and thought- provoking films from around the globe. As a result of our generous sponsors, the New Hampshire Film Festival has increased its visibility both regionally and nationally, so we expect a tremendous turn-out. Additionally, we have a fantastic line-up of industry professionals that will be participating on panel and round table discussions as well as the grand jury, so we encourage you to make an effort to have someone come to the festival to represent your film. Attached you will find a filmmaker information packet that will provide you with everything you need to know about this year's festival. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

We sincerely hope that you and/or others involved with Killing Dinner and Crooked Lane will be able to join us for post-screening Q&A, always a valuable addition to the screening of any film, and enjoy other festival events.

Upon your arrival please check in at the festival headquarters in order to receive your passes (each filmmaker receives 4 VIP all access passes), welcome bag and information about VIP privileges (this info will not be published anywhere else). The NHFF headquarters is located at the Connie Bean Center, 135 Daniel Street. Hours of operation are: Thursday 12pm-6pm, Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-3pm.

Thank you for your support of the NHFF; the festival wouldn't be possible without you and the amazing work you do! On behalf of the board of directors, we congratulate you on your selection to the festival and we look forward to seeing you at the movies this fall! If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Deb Barry – Managing Director, NH Film Festival

::: June 22, 2009 :::

Mark and Bethany Constance are joining forces with Left Bank Films and its founder, Chase Bailey to produce the drama, “CROOKED LANE.” The film will star Ann Cusack and Brett Cullen and shoot on the seacoast of New Hampshire July 6 through the 10th. Bailey will direct the film which will be in the vein of such thrillers as “The Sixth Sense” and “The Orphanage” Mark Constance will be the executive producer along with his producing partners Tracey Becker and Kathryn Soave while Bethany Constance will be co-producing the film with longtime Constance cohort Greg Smith. The film from an original script by Bailey will mark the directorial debut from Bailey and the producing debut of longtime Assistant Director(“Little Miss Sunshine,” “The Sensation of Sight,” “Adaptation,” “Sunshine Cleaning,” “Being John Malkovich”) Smith. The film will use the revolutionary RED camera and will be shot by Cinematographer Patrick Ruth(“Long Distance”). The Production Designer will be Shawn Carroll(“The Sensation of Sight,” “Sunshine State,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” “You Can Count on Me”).

Portsmouth based Hatchling Studios and Marc Dole will be doing the Visual Effects for the film.

::: June 10, 2009 :::

Lucas Ardagna, managed by Bethany Constance and represented nationally by CESD, booked the principal role of “Young Anthony” on the feature “Mulberry Tree” that was shot in June in Providence, Rhode Island. The film was directed by Mark Heller and produced by Russell Gray and Mike Dellso.

::: June 8, 2009 :::

Mark Constance was part of the John Wells Production of “THE COMPANY MEN” that recently wrapped filming. The film shot entirely in Massachusetts with primary locations in Wellesley, Framingham, Natick, South Boston, Roxbury, Quincy and Boston. Next up for Mark is the family comedy “FURRY VENGEANCE.”

::: June 2, 2009 :::

Molly and Kylie Lindo, managed by Bethany Constance, represented by Jeff Gill of Jordan Gill & Dornbaum (NYC) and Tim Ayer of Model Club (Boston) will be featured in a music video for artist Tanya Dallas Lewis’s “Something About A Miracle” produced by Stonegate Studios in July.

::: May 9, 2009 :::

Hannah McEachern, managed by Bethany Constance and represented by Dynasty Talent Agency (Boston), can be heard on a new radio spot for Mass. Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT) on the following stations; WBEC-AM, WBEC-FM, WNAW-AM, WSBS-AM, WUPE-AM, WUPE-FM, WBUR-FM, WBZ-AM, WKLB-FM, WMJX-FM, WODS-FM, WROR-FM, WXKS-FM, WCIB-FM, WQRC-FM, WXTK-FM, WAQY-FM, WHYN-AM, WHYN-FM, WMAS-FM, WSRS-FM, WXLO-FM.

::: January 29, 2009 :::
The Sensation of Sight

starring David Strathairn, Ian Somerhalder, and Daniel Gillies written & directed by Aaron J. Wiederspahn Rated R for some language. 95%

Following the devastation of a personal tragedy, Finn (Strathairn), a mild English teacher, leaves his job and his family and begins peddling a set of encyclopedias door-to-door around town as he struggles to sort things out. “Life has become my second language,” he tells a friend sadly. Along the way he encounters several other broken people, including a single mother and a brooding young man. As the audience slowly learns about the event that led Finn and his various acquaintances to their present condition, he draws closer to the possibility of healing, both for himself and for his fellow sufferers.

The Sensation of Sight is an intense production that quietly commands undivided attention from its opening moments. It begins precisely as the title might lead one to expect, with a beautifully-framed, static shot that is held for about five minutes of near-silence while we take in every single detail of the scene. It is an invitation to the audience to exercise its own sensation of sight, in preparation for what is to follow. What is going on here? What are we meant to see? These questions are eventually answered, but as the characters reveal themselves these simple queries are replaced by much bigger questions about suffering and loss. These are difficult questions, and it is to this movie’s credit that it explores them without trying to supply them with easy answers.

Although the main story ostensibly revolve around Finn’s quest for meaning, the filmmakers clearly understand that in real life, every minor character in one story has a central role in another. In this case, that translates into several subplots populated by a wide variety of characters whose importance to Finn’s journey at any given moment is incidental to our interest in their personal stories. Certainly, everything comes together in the end, but organically and naturally, rather than in a neat or contrived way.

All of these “secondary” characters are hurting and isolated within their small pockets of grief, unable to really connect with the larger world and even seemingly unaware of each other. The performers who bring all of these characters to life are amazing here. Strathairn in particular has created (or perhaps I should say “inhabited”) an iconic character (with his eccentric outfit and mannerisms, and his little red wagon loaded with encyclopedias) who is somehow still a bit of an Everyman; a person who is flawed and broken but still searching for answers. Really, though, it is only his prominent role that leads me to single his work out from that of, for instance, Jane Adams or Scott Wilson: low-profile actors who do excellent work and are always a pleasure to watch.

There is a very strong unity of purpose powering this story. That sounds like an obvious sort of thing to say about a film, but in actual practice it is rare enough to be worthy of comment. The writing is firm and focused. The performances are nuanced and spot-on. The camera-work is simultaneously full of ethereal beauty and a concrete connection to place that is completely immersive. This internal harmony is key to the movie’s spiritual dimension, which is pervasive but not overt. I am hesitant to delve too deeply into this aspect of the film, despite my great appreciation of it, because it is so intimately connected with important second- and third-act plot revelations. Suffice to say that the film’s examination of sorrow, loss, and the search for answers should prove rewarding for any discerning viewer, whether or not they have ever experienced such pain themselves.

The Sensation of Sight is the sort of film that demands to be seen more than once; not because it didn’t make sense the first time, but because the experience becomes even richer and more meaningful with each successive viewing. Most movies diminish considerably with repeated viewings, and it is always a great pleasure to discover a film with the opposite quality.

::: January 29, 2009 :::

The New Hampshire Film and Television Office, in partnership with Red River Theatres, will present a reading of the original screenplay SOMEPLACE LIKE AMERICA written by Aaron J. Wiederspahn, on Thursday, February 5 at 7 p.m. at Red River Theatres in Concord, as part of the ongoing Screenplay Reading Series.

SOMEPLACE LIKE AMERICA, which is scheduled to be filmed in New Hampshire later this year, is a contemporary tale set in New Hampshire's North Country after the closing of its paper mills. It follows Dutch, a long-unemployed steel worker and transient poet, as he returns to his family after a prolonged absence and attempts to reestablish contact with his grandson. Focusing on the struggles of the unemployed and disenfranchised, this narrative feature reflects on the possibility of personal and communal rebirth in the aftermath of economic collapse, illuminating in human terms a growing national issue in this post-industrial age.

The reading of SOMEPLACE LIKE AMERICA will be followed by a discussion with members of the New Hampshire-based production company, Either/Or Films, which produced The Sensation of Sight, starring David Strathairn. Either/Or Films Executive Producer Buzz McLaughlin and Writer/Director Aaron Wiederspahn will lead the discussion. The screenplay is inspired by the nonfiction book Journey to Nowhere: The Saga of the New Underclass, by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Dale Maharidge and Michael Williamson, both of whom will be on hand for the discussion along with documentary filmmaker Ron Wyman, who will be working with the project.

Tickets are $8 ($6 members) and are available at the Red River Theatres box office or online. Seating is limited and reservations are strongly suggested.

::: November 15, 2008 :::
From the Boston Globe "Names" column:

'Dinner' on the beach
Hampton Beach deserves a love letter, does it not? But producer Mark Constance says locals might not recognize the spot chosen for the backdrop of "Killing Dinner," a short he just finished shooting with co-producer Tracey Becker and writer/director Mitch Ganem. "I like to make films that look like postcards," said Constance, a Granite State native and assistant director for "Charlie's Angels" and "Fever Pitch." "At the Hampton Beach State Park . . . there's sea grass, dunes, and hills. It's beautiful." The plot, however, is more gritty. Constance describes it as a black comedy about a trio of ex-assassins involved in a love triangle, in the spirit of Quentin Tarantino and David Mamet. Stars include Brett Cullen, of "Lost," and local actors Neil McGarry of "Brotherhood" and Molly Schreiber, who worked on "Edge of Darkness." He hopes to have it finished by December, and ready to send to film festivals. Next up: fellow New Hampshirite Ganem, Becker, and Constance hope to collaborate on the long-planned "Losing Jerry," a buddy film about three Grateful Dead fans.

::: November 7, 2008 :::
a713production of Stratham, NH and Beachfront Films of Venice, CA would like to announce that completion of principal photography on the film "Killing Dinner".

"Killing Dinner" was written and directed by Mitch Ganem("Elvis Has Left the Building”) a Wolfeboro, NH native now living in New York City.

The film was produced by Tracey Becker("Finding Neverland") and Mark Constance( "The Sensation of Sight") who will partner once again to produce the upcoming "Losing Jerry", also to be directed by Ganem.

"Killing Dinner" is a black comedy in the tradition of Quentin Tarantino and David Mamet about a trio of ex-assasins involved in a love triangle. The cast includes Brett Cullen("Lost", "The West Wing", "Friday Night Lights"), Molly Schreiber("Edge of Darkness"), Neil McGarry("Brotherhood"), Chase Bailey and Younger Robbins.

The film now in post production will be submitted to various film festivals around the world upon completion.

The film was shot entirely on location in Portsmouth and Hampton Beach, NH.

::: October 1, 2008 :::
We are about 2 weeks away from the start of the NH Film Festival. If you have a chance to attend you should. The festival has become a real "happening" and Portsmouth is one of the most beautiful communities in the country.

Money Magazine named it the 5th best place to live in the country and Outside Magazine named it the 4th best.

So check it out!!!!

The panels are coming together quite well and I'm happy to announce that Sound Mixer Tommy Williams(THE SURROGATES, THE BROTHERHOOD) has joined our Working in the Film Business in New England panel and Chris O'Donnell, IATSE 481 Business rep will appear on the Budgeting panel.

I'm psyched that we were able to attract the quality of people that will be on these panels.

Once again here is the roster:
Dorothy Aufiero: Producer (GOOD WILL HUNTING, STATE & MAIN)
Chris O' Donnell: IATSE 481 Business Rep
Chris Stinson: Producer (HARSH TIMES)

Sophie Carlhian: Art Director (FEVER PITCH, NEXT STOP WONDERLAND)
Virginia Johnson: Costume Designer (BLACK IRISH, THE WOMEN)
Greg Smith: Assistant Director (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, ADAPTATION)

::: September 11, 2008 :::
Additions to the NH Film Festival panels
I'm happy to announce that Production Designer Sophie Carlhian (FEVER PITCH, NEXT STOP WONDERLAND) has confirmed that she will appear on the NH Film Festival panel: "Working in the film business in New England" and that Producer Dorothy Aufiero(STATE & MAIN, GOOD WILL HUNTING) and Line Producer Chris Stinson(HARSH TIMES) will be part of our "Film Budgeting" panel.

The "Budgeting" panel will take place on Saturday October 18 while the "Working" panel will be held on Sunday October 19.

Exact times and venues to follow!!!

::: September 10, 2008 :::
2008 NH Film Festival. October 16-19, 2008
I'm putting together a couple of panels for the NH Film Festival. Festival Director Nicole Gregg and I talked a lot about putting together something interesting for this year. Something we haven't done before. Here's what we came up with:

1.) Working in the film business in New England We'll talk about how you don't have to write, direct, produce and act in your own films to be able to work and make a career of the film business ---So far I've got commitments from 1st AD Greg Smith(LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, ADAPTATION), Costume Designer Virginia Johnson(BLACK IRISH, THE WOMEN) and Gaffer Scott Davis(EDGE OF DARKNESS, STATE & MAIN). 

2.) Budgeting for Film The panel will talk about budgeting in all ranges for film. We'll talk about dealing with the unions and the different variables that entail budgeting your film. ---Myself and my producing partner, Tracey Becker(FINDING NEVERLAND) are confirmed.

I hope to add more names in the coming days!

Few the festival info here:

See you in the beautiful city of Portsmouth next month!!!

::: September 10, 2008 ::: reviews of "THE SENSATION OF SIGHT"
Check out some interesting takes on a beautiful movie!!!
View the Amazon Review.

::: September 10, 2008 :::
"The Sensation of Sight" Director Aaron Wiederspahn gets interviewed in Movie Maker Magazine!
Don't miss writer/director Aaron J. Wiederspahn's online interview in Movie Maker Magazine celebrating the DVD release!
To read the complete interview, click here

::: September 10, 2008 :::
Either/Or Films is pleased to announce that THE SENSATION OF SIGHT, starring Academy Award Best Actor nominee David Strathairn, is now available throughout the U.S. for purchase or rental at Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble, etc.--everywhere DVDs are sold or rented.

Recent reviews after its New York theatrical run come from The New York Post, which praises David's "splendid performance," and the Village Voice, which dubs THE SENSATION OF SIGHT "Moving, charming, and universally well acted." The New York Times cites its cinematography, saying it "has visual pizazz to spare."

Box Office Magazine calls THE SENSATION OF SIGHT "Exemplary American filmmaking," giving kudos to its "superb performances. Strathairn is both charming and empathetic; he is as much a delight to watch as Bill Murray in Lost in Translation or Broken Flowers." 

And Prairie Miller of writes: "Like a delicately designed patchwork quilt, The Sensation of Sight is crafted from the odds and ends of its characters, then ultimately surprises with its fusion of introspection and emotion...David Strathairn's Finn imparts a metaphorical healing vision of a restored life."

Meanwhile, THE SENSATION OF SIGHT's theatrical run continues, with an upcoming opening in Seattle September 10. 

To view a trailer, visit or

::: September 10, 2008 :::
The SENSATION OF SIGHT gets reviewed by News Blaze.
Review posted--by the syndicated critic Prairie Miller.

::: August 4, 2008:::
Stan Grunder has recently signed with Dynasty Models and Talent (Boston) as his New England representation. He is also represented by Osbrink Talent Agency (LA) and Jordan, Gill, and Dornbaum (NY).

::: August 4, 2008 :::
Nicholas Purcell of Concord, New Hampshire is a teenager with an acting resume many dream of! View Press Release

::: June 12, 2008 :::
"The Sensation of Sight" signs a distribution deal. See it here

::: June 11, 2008 :::
In his commercial directorial debut, Mark Constance directed a spot for Maidenform Bra in Austin, Texas. See the spot here

::: June 10, 2008 :::
The Sony Pictures/Happy Madison film "PAUL BLART: MALL COP" starring Kevin James wrapped recently after a 52 shoot. The film shot in various Massachusetts locations including the Burlington Mall, The South Shore Plaza and Hanscom Field among others. The action comedy has scheduled the release for the 2008 Christmas season. Mark Constance worked as an Assistant Director on the film. Keir O' Donnell and Jayma Mays were also part of the comedic cast as well as Extreme athletes Mike Vallely, Jason Ellis, Mike Escamilla and Rick Thorne.

::: June 10, 2008 :::
The State of New Hampshire was featured in "MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE". The state and various film industry workers were featured in the article including Mark Constance of a713production. Get the info here.

::: February 17, 2008 :::
Bethany Constance client, Nicholas Purcell, was cast as the lead character "Jake" in the Nickelodeon pilot. "The Troop". The pilot was shot in February in Vancouver. Nick's co-stars include Gage Golightly and Teo Olivares.

::: November 16, 2007 :::
NH Magazine's November issue has it's "IT" list. Someone familiar makes the list!

::: November 01, 2007 :::
The Sensation of Sight World Theatrical Premiere Friday November 9, 2007-8pm

Colonial Theater
95 Main St., Keene, NH
The Theatrical World Premiere of


Starring Academy Award Best Actor nominee

Tickets: $10.
Reservations 603-352-2033

To view the trailer and for other info, visit

View More

::: September 14, 2007 :::
Rumours abound about a New Hampshire premiere of "The Sensation of Sight"

::: August 23, 2007 :::
The Portsmouth Herald and seacoastonline story about the proposed start date of the film "Losing Jerry"

::: June 7, 2007 :::
The Concord Monitor's has an article on the one night shoot for "Losing Jerry" at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom.

::: March 29, 2007 :::
The "Hippo Press" story on the "Losing Jerry" pre-production:

::: March 22, 2007 :::
From the Boston Globe, "Names and Faces" section:

::: March 22, 2007 :::
Mark spoke at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce breakfast about the economic impact of filmmaking in New Hampshire.

::: March 5, 2007 :::
A Portsmouth Herald article about filmmaking in New Hampshire and New England

::: February 23, 2007 :::
The film "Losing Jerry" is coming closer to fruition. Here is an article from the Portsmouth Herald:

::: February 9, 2007 :::
"The Sensation of Sight" movie trailer is now online.
See it here:

::: January 26, 2007 :::
Bethany Constance will be conducting 2 on camera Commercial/Audition Technique workshops at New England Models Group in Manchester.
1] February 5, 12 19, & 26 [Mondays] for ages 9-13 from 4:00pm-6:00pm and
2] March 12, 19, 26 & April 2nd [Mondays] for teens- adults from 6:00pm-8:30pm.
No experience necessary. For more information and to register please contact Deborah Lasher at 603-624-0555.

::: January 20, 2007 :::
Bethany Constance is proud to announce that she has signed Stan Grunder to a talent managment contract. Stan is from Camden, Maine and starred in the film "Vacationland" which recently garned Best Short Drama Film at the 2006 New Hampshire Film Expo. Bethany has also just announced that Grunder has been signed to the Osbrink Talent Agency in Los Angeles.
View Here

::: November 10, 2006 :::
In anticipation of the North American premiere of "The Sensation of Sight" this is from the Denver Post.

::: October 23, 2006 :::
"The Sensation of Sight" has been accepted to the Starz Denver International Film Festival. The Festival runs November 9-19, 2006. The film has been slotted into 2 prime time showings on Friday November 10 and Saturday November 11 at 630pm. Director Aaron J. Wiederspahn has been selected to compete for the "Emerging Director's" award at the festival.

::: September 14, 2006 :::
The Portsmouth Herald Gossip column features "The Sensation of Sight"

::: August 31, 2006 :::
Here is and Item from the Boston Herald regarding "The Sensation of Sight"

::: August 29, 2006 :::
The Mark Constance produced film "The Sensation of Sight"has been accepted at the prestigious San Sebastian Film Festival in San Sebastian, Spain.
Read the Press Release here.

::: June 12, 2006 :::
A Manchester Union article on filmmaking in New Hampshire

::: April 25, 2006 :::
Bethany Constance will be conducting a 2 day On-Camera Workshop May 20 & 21 for ages 8-18 and their parents. The workshop will take place at Alpha Talent Productions Inc., 166 Plaistow Rd., Plaistow, NH. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! ( May 20th: 10am to 1pm, On Camera Audition, Commercial and Cold Reading Techniques. May 21st: 12pm to 2pm, an industry Q & A for parents and children/teens You can RSVP on line at or call 603-362-6350.

::: March 25, 2006 :::
Bethany and Mark are guests of the Exeter Chamber of Commerce for their Light Up the Town Dinners.More...

::: March 13, 2006 :::
+++March 13, 2006 Randy Steinberg's article on the making of "The Sensation of Sight" More...

::: March 13, 2006 :::
The Wire's feature article on the possibility of the feature film "Losing Jerry" shooting in New Hampshire in the fall of 2006 with Mark Constance attached as a Producer on the project. The story delves into the process that the state of NH is playing in securing an Angel network for the purpose of film funding. More...

::: November 17, 2005 :::
The Nashua Telegraph's feature on the filming of "The Sensation of Sight" More...

::: November 9, 2005 :::
A profile on actor Ian Somerhalder and "The Sensation of Sight". More...

::: November 8, 2005 :::
Featured Online -
Movie makers set up shop in Granite State. New Hampshire's Film Office is banking on the success of an independent production to kickstart the Granite State's film industry. NECN reporter Greg Navarro has more from Peterborough. More...

::: October 27, 2005 :::
News Article - The Wire:
'The Sensation of Sight'; 'Septic Scenes'; Alloy Orchestra comes to town; NHFX wrap-up View Article >

News Article - Petersborough Transcript:
'Hollywood comes to Peterborough'
View Article >

::: October 8, 2005 :::
CONSTANCE JOINS FORCES AT GRAVITY Gravity press release, September 27, 2005 Beginning in September, Director Markus Constance brings his music video expertise to Gravity as he endeavors into the commercial world. With 16 years as a DGA Assistant Director on studio features such as "T-3:Rise of the Machines", "Charlie's Angels", "Fever Pitch" and Being John Malkovich", among others, Markus brings a strong level of professionalism and experience to set that enables him to make quick decisions on copy and creative in order to meet the demands of production today. In June, Markus tapped the DP services of Gravity's Steve Eliopoulos to shoot 3 music videos for the local band, Leaving Eden, for his company a713production. The successful working relationship that followed yielded such great results that the natural next step seemed for Constance to join the Forces at Gravity to explore directing commercials. Check out Constance's Gravity page here.

::: September 25, 2005 :::
The production staff of "The Sensation of Sight" will appear at the 2005 NHFX in Portsmouth on Saturday October 15, 2005 hosting a seminar on "Filmmaking in NH". Scheduled to attend will be Director Aaron Weiderspahn, Executive Producer Buzz McLaughlin, Producer's Mark Constance and Darren Moorman, Co-Producer Steve Oare, 1st Assistant Director Greg Smith, Casting Director Michele Ortlip, Costume Designer Daphne Javits and others

::: September 25, 2005 :::
The film "The Sensation of Sight" has completed the casting of it's main cast. (see story in the September 22 issue of the Portsmouth Herald's Spotlight here) Along with the previously cast David Strathairn, who recently was named Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival for his role as Edward R. Murrow in the George Clooney directed film "Good Night and Good Luck" the producers have announced the following additions: Ian Somerhalder, who played Boone on the the Emmy winning drama "Lost"; Daniel Gillies who recently starred in the Steven Spielberg produced Mini-Series "Into the West, which aired on TNT this past summer; Joe Mazzello, also from the Spielberg stable where he was the child star of the Jurassic Park films; Jane Adams, Broadway's Best Actress Tony Award© winner for "An Inspector Calls"; Ann Cusack, from the cast of the TV series "The Brotherhood of Poland, NH"; Elisabeth Waterston, daughter of Sam and featured on such TV shows as "The Practice", "Law & Order" and "The Education of Max Bickford" and Scott Wilson who Hollywood career dates back to his first film, "In the Heat of the Night". He has had numerous roles including a regular role on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". Principal photography begins on October 24, 2005 in Peterborough, NH. The film will be directed by Aaron Wiederspahn, the Executive Producer is Buzz McLaughlin, partners in EitherOr Films and produced by a713production's Mark Constance.

The Portsmouth based magazine "The Wire" ( did a feature article on the prep and shooting of "Leaving Eden's" 3 music videos in the Wednesday July 13 2005 issue. Matt Kanner from "The Wire" was present most of the day and even worked as an extra during "The Beast". He attended pre-production meetings and got an overall view of the behind the scenes machinations of putting the project together.l View Article Here

::: August 14, 2005 :::
The Portsmouth based magazine "The Wire" ( did a feature article on the prep and shooting of "Leaving Eden's" 3 music videos in the Wednesday July 13 2005 issue. Matt Kanner from "The Wire" was present most of the day and even worked as an extra during "The Beast". He attended pre-production meetings and got an overall view of the behind the scenes machinations of putting the project together.l View Article Here

::: August 11, 2005 :::
Bethany Constance will hold two Cold Reading Workshop's at New England Models Group ( on Saturday September 17. The two workshops will be for ages 9-12 and teens. Please email Bethany or call NEMG at 603-624-0555 for further information.

::: August 11, 2005 :::
Either/Or Films( has established a start date of October 24, 2005 for it's initial film "The Sensation of Sight". David Straitharn will play the lead in the film to be directed by Aaron Weiderspahn from his original script. Buzz McLaughlin will Executive Produce the film with a713production's Mark Constance on board along with LA based Darren Moorman as the film producers. Casting sessions are in progress in NY and LA to fill out an expected cast of Hollywood veterans.

::: August 10, 2005 :::
Mark Constance has joined the production team of the feature film "Southland Tales". The film will be directed by Richard Kelly of "Donnie Darko" fame and will star Duane "The Rock" Johnson, Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amy Poehler and Cheri Oteri.

::: August 9, 2005 :::
The Premiere party for the release of "Leaving Eden's" 3 new music videos was a rousing success, drawing over 250 people. Many members of the crew, cast and extras along with an array of music, film, tv and newspaper types including represenatives from the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Eagle-Tribune, The Wire and Channels 4, 7, and 25 joined Leaving Eden band members and a713production partners Rick Dirck, Bethany Constance and Mark Constance in a night of food, drink, music and general revelry!!!

::: August 7, 2005 :::
Read the Inside Track and it's tidbit on Leaving Eden's premiere party from the Boston Herald:

::: July 18, 2005 :::
a713production and "Leaving Eden" would like to announce that they will hold a Video Release Party on Monday August 8, 2005. "Leaving Eden's" music videos "The Beast", "Somewhere Behind" and "Deep" that were directed by a713production's Markus Constance will be shown at the release party that will run from 7pm-9pm at River's Edge Recording Studio at 14 Stevens St. in Haverhill, MA. Please stay tuned to this website and to for further details as they become available.

View the invitation here!

The Portsmouth based magazine "The Wire" ( will do a feature article on the prep and shooting of "Leaving Eden's" 3 music videos in the Wednesday July 13 2005 issue. Matt Kanner from "The Wire" was present most of the day and even worked as an extra during "The Beast". He attended pre-production meetings and got an overall view of the behind the scenes machinations of putting the project together.

a713production has completed principal photography on 3 videos for "Leaving Eden". Shooting took place during a 15 hour shooting day on Sunday June 26. The pieces included "The Beast" of which we hope will capture the fury and look of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Velvet Revolver's "Slither"..."Somewhere Behind" with it's dark, somber strength featuring the intensity of "Leaving Eden" guitarist and singer, Eric Gynan. And the final video of "Deep", "LE's" powerful ballad showing off the incredible vocals of Gynan and Carole Tardif. With 3 different songs, with 3 different sounds and 3 different looks, director Mark Constance feels he has captured stunning visuals that will make the music business stand up and look (and listen)!!!...The editing process has begun and Constance and the band plan to unveil the videos at a Video Release Party sometime in August. Stay tuned to this website for further details.

a713production and Hatchling Studios have had meeting to discuss an upcoming project that would feature the City of Portsmouth and the Seacoast area. No scripts or schedules have been written or exchanged although preliminary meetings are ongoing.

Mark Constance is putting a Music Video proposal together to present to Boston based rock band "Averi". The band is on the verge of a signing with a major record label and would like to put the package together by the end of the summer!

a713production will be producing 2 videos for Haverhill, MA based "Leaving Eden". Mark Constance will be directing the videos for "The Beast" and "Somewhere Behind" on June 26. If you are interested in working as an extra please go to and follow the "Breaking News" link to the "I want to be in your video" link!

a713production is working with Worcester, MA's "Little Big Wheel" to finalize plans to shoot a video for "One Night Stand" from their newly released 2nd CD, "Redwood". Shooting is planned for later this summer. Constance and a713production's Rick Dirck are hoping to shoot on the seacoast in Portsmouth and York Beach. The piece will also include performance footage which will be shot at the Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester.

Bethany will be doing 2 workshops at New England Models Group on September 17, 2005. One will be a teen workshop and the other for 9-12 year olds focusing on "On-Camera Cold Reading Technique". Times and cost TBD later this summer. Contact Bethany or check back to this website or New England Models Group for more info.

Bethany will have upcoming workshops this summer and fall. Please stay tuned to this website and see for any further info. She also conducts private coaching's. See Contact page to reach her for any additional info.

Constance is hoping to sign an agreement to work with "The Charms" once again. He is putting the finishing touches on conceptual images for the band to mull over. "Rock and Roll Magazine", a cut from the recently released "Pussycat" is the song of choice.

Constance is in final negotiations to add his a713production banner to the Either/Or Film Production "Sensation of Sight" which will shoot in the Peterborough, NH area beginning this October. "I am excited to work with writer/director Aaron Weiderspahn and producer Buzz McLaughlin on this project. After I met the two of them and read the script I told Aaron that I would ready my acceptance speech for the awards season. This is going to be an exceptional film once it's completed and readied for release".

a713production is currently in negotiations with Percy Hill for a video for "Awaiting Our Return" from their 2005 release "After All."

Bethany signs NH actors Tony Clements and Nick Purcel ("Dangerous Crosswinds")l to management contracts.

Mark works with Wes Craven on his latest project, the Dreamworks picture "Red-Eye", to be released in August 2005.

Constance works on the season ending episodes of the WB TV show "Summerland".

In a "dream come true" job, Mark works with on the Farrelly Bros fantasy, "Fever Pitch" which was shot in and around Boston and Fenway Park.